Most of you know me through my images. As you have probably gathered from those images, I am the mother of the sweetest little crazy-haired red headed girl you will ever meet and the wife of the bluest eyes on the planet. As for me as a person, here is my chance to familiarize you with Kim Sawyer. I enjoy the simple things in life. I loath being technologically connected to the "world" at all times. I have yet to purchase a smart phone and doubt I ever will. I enjoy being out doors, standing in the wind and watching the leaves blow. In essence, I enjoy being connected to nature. I'm a reader, you will find that I am always in the middle of some novel that I find myself madly in love with (my favorites being "The Mercy of Thin Air" and "The Perks of Being a Wallflower.) I'm crafty as well; sewing, crocheting or redesigning anything old and putting my stamp on it is my idea of a good time. A glass of wine and meaningful conversation is complete satisfaction to me. I like life to be simple, just as I like to keep photography simple as well. If I had to describe my photography in one word it would be organic. I'm here to capture those unexpected moments that make the most lasting memories. Everything from birth, newborn, family, couples, weddings etc. I am a natural light photographer who loves shooting in nature. I received my Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Wesleyan College in May 2009. I majored in Communications with a concentration in Media Studies. I also minored in Art History. Some of my relevant course history include; Introduction to Photography, Photography II, Intro to Computer Art, Digital Imaging, The Photograph, Intro to Media Studies, Electronic Moviemaking, Organizational Communication, Persuasion & Media: Advertising, Advanced Video Production, Communication Studies Internship(Graphic Designer for Naval Exchange Command), Computer Concepts/Applications, Design and Editing and also Editors in the Workshop(Online Editor for the Marlin Chronicle, 3 years). Shortly after graduation I started my business and have been blossoming ever since.